Out with the old, in with the new. Rip & Replace seeks to remove old Huawei and ZTE equipment from cell towers.


The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program, dubbed "Rip & Replace," is a government-subsidized forced relocation program enforced by the FCC through the Secure Networks Act of 2019.


Unlike prior FCC reimbursement programs, Rip & Replace also addresses a matter of national security by targeting the removal of old Huawei and ZTE equipment from communications networks and replacing it with approved equipment. Rip & Replace primarily affects carriers in rural areas.


Congress introduced multiple deadlines and procedural requirements that the FCC and WCB will finalize in coming months. One such requirement is that carriers are required to complete the removal, displacement and disposal of covered communications equipment within a year.


A short, forthcoming FCC window will open in which carriers will need to submit the FCC's financial eligibility form:

  • Project budget request

  • Specific timeline

  • Overall project plan

  • Proof of equipment

The research and planning needed to collect and prepare these requirements will necessitate far more time than that short window will allow. The work needs to begin now.


As a result of our extensive work on the REPACK program, QComm has well-vetted tools in place to generate each carrier's baseline data. With our established and proven methodology, we are well-equipped to collect and prepare these initial documents for Rip & Replace participants.