Our team features professionals who have decades of experience in the telecommunication, broadcasting and engineering industries. 


Tony zumMallen


(816) 729 - 1177


Tony identifies client needs and fulfills them. Prior to QComm, Tony participated in all FCC auction relocation efforts since 1997 and started zCommunications as an engineering and tower services company for the carriers. He has negotiated and managed the replacement/decommissioning of ~500 microwave paths while participating in the PCIA relocation working group for Sprint and Nextel and other carriers. Tony has served as VP and President of multiple medium-sized regional tower companies as well as owned and operated services companies in the broadcast and telecommunication industry. His experience drives his ability to help clients navigate the muddy waters of government-subsidized programs like Rip & Replace.  As a proverbial “Rocket Scientist,” Tony holds an Aeronautical Engineering degree from ASU, and used those studies in the aerospace industry until 1997. 

Phil B. Larsen

QForce Vice President

(816) 267 - 8141


Phil Larsen, one of leading subject matter experts in vertical inspection by way of UAV in an RF environment, has been appointed vice president of the Airborne Division and will be responsible for leading the QForce team, a group of specialists tapped to operate, service and support the new division. Larsen’s career dates back over a decade and includes extensive experience designing solutions and advising the telecommunication industry on the benefits of using UAVs. As a result of his work, drones have become indispensable tools in high-risk environments. Larsen previously worked for the DoD, NSA, CIA, Navy and other governmental agencies globally, and brings with him an exceptional background and understanding of the safe, accurate and overall benefits this technology will deliver to QComm customers.


John Owen

Chief Technical Officer

(703) 930 - 3763


John Owen is a broadcast Principle with over 50 years of involvement in the industry. Prior to the 2GHZ project, John was the Chief Engineer at WBNS, which was the first station in Ohio to convert to full high-definition studio broadcasting. Owen held a VP position for the Austin Company where he designed TV stations around the world, and was also a VP of Engineering for Taft Broadcasting. John brought his Chief status to QCommunications in 2008 as owner and Chief Technical Officer. Known as an industry titan, John built and installed the first analog-to-digital transmitter. He brings technical knowledge, strategic partnerships and operational strength to QCommunications.

SBE- CH 52 Chairman

SBE - Sustaining Member 


Nick Solano

Vice President

(816) 617 - 6012


Nick Solano is acting Vice President for QCommunications guiding corporate entities through the muddy waters of federally-regulated programs.


Nick established his importance in the industry while holding various roles in telecom for over a decade, acting on behalf of multiple carriers and vendors navigating site development and process implementation. His professional network and extensive behind-the-scenes knowledge of modification projects enables him to bridge the gap between Rip & Replace telecom project professionals and the complex governmental processes they will be involved with.


He has been managing a successful team of project managers and reimbursement specialists as part of the broadcast REPACK program for the past two years.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

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